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On the ‘Boog’ plot, located on the corner of Parnassusweg and Claude Debussylaan in Mahler, an office building is set to be developed. It will be the head offices of BNP Paribas Nederland, Arcadis and G&S&, who will develop the building together. The building is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

Housing, work, shopping, recreation

The central objective for the Mahler 4 subzone is for this area to be one that provides housing, work, recreation and shopping. The urban design layout for Mahler 4 still consists of a combination of high- and low-rise buildings. As part of this wider design, the Boog plot will feature low-rise construction. The overall plan is divided up in a north/south direction in terms of logistics and access by two streets: Benjamin Brittenstraat and Aaron Coplandstraat. Claude Debussylaan runs diagonally across the area and will be a pedestrian zone.


The key principles for the design have been set down in a construction brief. The design is being developed by Florian Idenburg from architects’ firm SO-IL. The building will occupy an unusual position within the public space and feature a plinth that seamlessly shifts from the inside to the outside. Given the name: CubeHouse, space will be created within the plinth for Zuidas visitors and Amsterdam citizens to discover sustainable and digital innovations developed in the Netherlands.


Sustainability is one of the key principles in the development of this office. The plan is to build an energy-neutral, future-proof and low-installation building. The building and planting must be able to resist extreme climate effects, such as excessive rain, wind, heat and drought. The parties involved have expressed their ambition to achieve the most sustainable building in Zuidas and intend to use it as an ‘incubator for new sustainable concepts’. Thanks to the central location in Parnassusweg, the new Zuidas railway station and the existing Mahler car park, there are various possibilities for a flexible approach to mobility for people working in the area.


In view of the plot’s close proximity to Zuidasdok, construction of the CubeHouse is being planned with that in mind. This means that construction work on the office will be completed in 2025 before work starts on the southern tunnel for the A10.

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CubeHouse environmental permit open for consultation

For the development of CubeHouse, permission has been granted to deviate from the zoning plan currently in force. A permit was issued on 5 April 2023 and is now open for consultation for six weeks. The application for planning permission will now also be submitted swiftly.

Two trees to be replanted to create space for 'Boog' plot

In the night of 15-16 March 2023, we will be removing two trees in Parnassusweg close to Claude Debussylaan for replanting elsewhere. The trees need to be moved in order to make way for the construction of a new office building on the so-called 'Boog' plot.

Sustainable offices to fill last plot in Mahler neighbourhood

The very last plot in the Mahler neighbourhood, in the heart of Zuidas, will have an office building built on it. By mid-2024, BNP Paribas Nederland, Arcadis and G&S Vastgoed will jointly have a sustainable head office on the plot: CubeHouse. The three parties are developing the building themselves.