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Ella / Gershwin Block 9

Ella (Fitzgerald) is an urban residential block between Gershwinlaan and De Boelegracht offering social housing in an attractive place in Zuidas. These are spacious dwellings, with around 80 sq. m. of gross floor area, and the project was developed in a short space of time: from structural design to planning application within four months.

The block has a clearly-designed structure: tall at the Gershwinlaan city end, with the two lower sections of the building facing the short streets towards De Boelegracht. This allows a lot of variation in the apartments, which are oriented towards the street and city in different ways. Among the wide range of different buildings in the Gershwin subzone, Ella stands out because of the special focus on its external relationship at different heights in the building.

Street-based flats have a different relationship between the property and the exterior than those slightly higher or in the centre. The façades have been designed in bright red-orange stone, featuring a slight relief in the masonry, lending the building its own unique character.

At a glance

  • Completed: 2017
  • 57 social housing properties
  • 5 layers
  • Size: 80 sq. m.
  • Design: Inbo