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Zuidplein bicycle park reopens after renovation

The Zuidplein bicycle park was actually already finished in April, but NS decided to delay reopening since it was so quiet because of coronavirus. Because the rules have been relaxed since 1 June 2020, it was time to open its doors.

The renovated entrance

More pleasant and safer

The bicycle park had been closed since September 2019 to enable renovation to take place. It had been in use for many years and no longer met modern requirements for bicycle parking. It was confusing, dark and some of the space remained unused. All of this has now been changed and the bicycle racks have also been reorganised. This makes it a much more pleasant and safer space. A new system has also been installed that allows you to see at a glance whether there are any spaces free and where.

There is still room to park

Checking in with OV card

Despite the renovation, the new facility will have fewer spaces for bikes. This is because part of the bicycle park is now back in the hands of the WTC, which used to let it to us. Zuidplein bicycle park now has room for 620 conventional bikes, 271 bikes with crates and 400 OV (public transport) bikes. You can also rent an OV bike here: the OV bikes are relocating back to Zuidplein from Strawinskylaan. Like at the underground Mahlerplein and Strawinskylaan bicycle parks, cyclists have to check in with an OV chip card first in order to gain access. Parking is free for the first 24 hours. The bicycle park is open from 05.20 until 01.15, and on Friday and Saturday until 01.50.

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