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A new green, child-friendly residential neighbourhood in Zuidas

There will be a green park with footpaths and cycle paths, surrounded by buildings with homes, offices and other amenities. This is what the new Ravel neighbourhood will look like – perfect for pedestrians, cyclists, children, joggers and residents who want to relax. In addition to green space, water will also have a prominent place in the new neighbourhood. There will be no hard edges, but smooth transitions between buildings, green space and water. Along the De Boelegracht canal, wooden decking will be added, providing a place for people to wander and spend time. Several play areas will also be created, including a water square.

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No cars

There will be no cars driving through the new neighbourhood. Two underground parking facilities will be created on the new Maurice Ravellaan, providing a total of 500 parking spaces. There will also be a location on the avenue where cars can stop briefly, to pick someone up or deliver a package for example. That will make Ravel the very first car-free neighbourhood in Zuidas. Accessibility by bicycle and public transport will be excellent, and Amsterdam Zuid and RAI stations are both very close.

Space for families

The new neighbourhood, with its green space and homes, will be a great place to live for families with children. Of the 1,350 new homes, around 750 will be over 75 square metres, making them suitable for people with children. There will also be homes for single-person households, senior citizens and students. All the homes will be 40% social rental, 40% mid-range rental and 20% owner-occupied, and these three different types will be represented in each residential block. As many of the front doors as possible will open directly onto the park, so that neighbours can get to know each other more easily.


The Ravel neighbourhood will be located to the east of Beethovenstraat. The new Maurice Ravellaan will be an extension of Mahlerlaan. At present, the area of land on which the new neighbourhood will be built looks a bit of a mess. It includes the temporary student accommodation in the Ravel Residence, the Zuidas Children’s Campus and the sports fields at Goed Genoeg sports park (the home of AFC). The redesign and reconstruction of the sports park will clear the southern section of the area. This means there will be enough room for this neighbourhood with 1,350 homes, as well as offices and other amenities. The Zuidas Children’s Campus will get its own permanent home in the neighbourhood.

Community engagement

Residents and stakeholders have recently been involved in the development of the plans. The responses have generally ranged from positive to very positive, although there were a few concerns about the car-free policy and parking. The next step is the confirmation of the new land use plan. This is expected to be released for consultation in fall 2020, following approval by the Municipal Executive. All stakeholders can then formally give their feedback on the land use plan. Early 2021, the City of Amsterdam will have the opportunity to approve the zoning plan in its definitive form.


We anticipate that construction work will begin in 2022. The first phase should be completed within two years, including the houses and the new location for the Zuidas Children’s Campus. The district will be completely finished in around 2035.

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