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Instagram museum opens in Kop Zuidas

Influencer and co-owner Anna Nooshin opened the Instagram museum The Upside Down Amsterdam at Europaboulevard 5 on 3 July 2020. However, it did not deliver the publicity she had hoped for: Nooshin came under fire when people questioned the 1.5-m social distancing at the opening party. This is not an issue in the museum: the hosts and hostesses are particularly strict about it. Daan: ‘The good news is that it’s going really well, partly thanks to the timeslots we’re applying.’

What is it?

But what exactly is an Instagram museum? Daan: ‘Here, it’s not about looking at other people’s photos, you actually need to get to work yourself.’ The museum covers an area of 1,500 sq. m. and there are 25 rooms and backdrops where visitors can take photos of themselves and share them on social media. Because of the special Alice in Wonderland appeal of the rooms, it’s possible to take pictures here that would be far from easy elsewhere. Although Upside Down primarily targets women between 15 and 35 – ‘Research shows that they post the most photos on social media’ – there are also a lot of children here today who are particularly in their element in the bubble ball pit. ‘Of course, everyone is more than welcome’, says Daan.

Easy to get to

It took around 18 months to develop the experience. The issue of choosing the location also arose during this time. Daan: ‘We were originally considering a suitable space on the NDSM site in Amsterdam Noord.’ But then this came up. ‘The advantage of Kop Zuidas is that it’s close to both RAI and Europaplein stations. That means we’re very easy to get to.’

Not cheap

With the price of entry at € 24.95, the experience is certainly not cheap. Daan: ‘I can imagine you might think that if you’re not that interested in social media, but it’s not called the Instagram museum for nothing. We will shortly start offering a programme of workshops and webinars based around social media. These will focus on such things as how to make a good selfie, as well as online bullying, which will make the experience even broader than it is now.’

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