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Survey for redevelopment of the Wielingenstraat

You can find the survey here. The maintenance of the Wielingenstraat is scheduled for early 2022 and will take six months. Until then we are working on the design, the preparation and the decision-making. In 2022 not just the municipality will set to work in the Wielingenstraat. Waternet is going to replace the sewage and the drinking water pipes and Liander the gas pipes. To make sure that all these activities proceed smoothly, we should prepare this properly.

What can be improved?

Before we start working on this, we would like to hear from you, as a resident or user of the Wielingenstraat, how you experience the road and what options for improvement you see. Because of coronavirus we cannot invite you for a meeting, instead we ask you to think along online about the Wielingenstraat. We then include your wishes and those of your neighbours in the design.

What can be improved in the Wielingenstraat?


We cannot redevelop the Wielingenstraat entirely according to your or our fantasy. There are a number of preconditions. For instance, the new layout must be in line with the road profiles of the Diepenbrockstraat and the Scheldeplein (think about pavements and the cycle lanes). The exits to P8, P9 and P10 of RAI must be preserved. The Wielingenstraat now has a 50 km/h limit. This means, among other things, that speed bumps cannot be built. Amsterdam uses the same materials for the layout of the public space throughout, hence also in the Wielingenstraat. And the road should, in connection with climate change, be better able to absorb downpours.

Talking and thinking along

Do you want to talk and think along about the Wielingenstraat? Then share your ideas with us via this survey. This is possible up to 6 September 2020. Do you prefer a paper version? Then contact the Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre: 0800-5065 of

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