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Gershwinlaan welcomes green residents

In the week of 10 November 2020, a truck lifted the concrete blocks from the street and took them away. Since the final residential buildings in the Gershwin neighbourhood were opened last summer (The George and The Gustav), there is no longer any construction traffic and we can start landscaping the street and planting trees. The concrete blocks on the pavement that looked like giant lego bricks were actually there to deter illegal parking. A temporary solution, because they were far from attractive.

The blocks have gone, leaving only their impression
Marcel Steinbach

Tree-planting season

As it is now tree-planting season, we were able to get rid of the blocks. They are being replaced by 26 ‘Gleditsia Skyline’ tall-stemmed trees. They are currently around 3 metres in height. The street is already looking friendlier and more attractive as a result. The waste bins have now been ordered and will shortly be positioned in Gershwinlaan. They will also help to create an attractive, safe, and clean residential area.

26 trees are being planted
Marcel Steinbach

Bigger plan

The tree planting is not an isolated event, but part of a bigger landscaping plan for the public spaces in this relatively new residential neighbourhood. For example, we previously worked with residents on a new look for the three side streets off Gershwinlaan. It’s now possible to exercise and play there, or enjoy a sandwich on one of the tables in Peter Schatstraat.

Marcel Steinbach

Rosy Wertheimstraat

The new landscaping of the last side street off Gershwinlaan, Rosy Wertheimstraat, marks the final stage of the landscaping of the Gershwin neighbourhood. Work is already underway on a design that reflects the wishes of local residents. We hope to be able to reveal the provisional design soon.

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