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Zuidasdok construction live on webcam again

It is not easy to view at the site itself, because construction is happening between the tracks and behind barriers. However, thanks to the two webcams you can have a front-row seat.

Northern camera

The northern camera is on the roof of the Atrium and currently shows the construction of roof sections 2 and 3 for the Brittenpassage that is yet to be built. This new passenger tunnel will need seven roof sections. The first roof section was inserted into place in November 2019, we are building the second one now, and we will work on the third next spring. Both the second and third roof sections will be manoeuvred from this construction site into their ultimate location in August 2021.

Southern camera

The southern camera is located on the roof of Baker McKenzie and shows a view of the construction site next to the A10 Zuid motorway. It was from here that we pushed the first roof section through the A10 into position in November 2019. This camera also promises to feature interesting images in a later phase of the project.

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