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Visual artist creates ‘carnival mural’ to brighten up Atrium parking garage

Botti was inspired by this rather rough and run-down location. The garage isn’t what it used to be and he saw that homeless people, skaters and graffiti artists were gathering here. ‘It looked like a carnival to me’, he says.

It’s the perfect location for a new artwork, for several reasons. Hotel INNSiDE, located in 2Amsterdam, has already installed works by Rietveld students inside the hotel itself. ‘When you open such a large hotel, you have to create connections with the local community’, says general manager Sjoerd Sybesma. Botti’s artwork means that this is now happening literally: guests at the hotel watched Mural Carnival being created.

Tunnel and passageway

In addition, this is a special location, because the new pedestrian passageway for Amsterdam Zuid station – the Brittenpassage – will be located here, and the northern tunnel for the A10 motorway will also be built here in a few years’ time. So a lot is going to be happening at this location. In that respect, too, the name Botti chose for his artwork is very appropriate. Ultimately, his work will disappear as we remake this public space to create an attractive new station zone.

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