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Reminder: please turn off the lights

What is shameful about this is that, back in 2021, Zuidas CEOs signed the Ambitieverklaring 2021-2025 (Ambition Statement 2021-2025), the aim of which was to prevent lights being left on unnecessarily, at least between 23.30 at night and 06.00 in the morning. Despite this, it is still happening on a large-scale. And, on closer inspection, the ambition appears to be not quite as ambitious as it seems. After all, 2025 is too far off in view of the urgency for concerted action to save energy.

People regularly complain about light pollution and wasted energy. We also highlighted the issue five years ago. The Green Business Club Zuidas regularly revisits this problem and is now calling for greater progress: achieving the ambition this year rather than waiting until 2025. Our question to tenants and building managers is this: surely it can’t be that difficult?

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