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Cables and pipelines temporarily exposed

Next to the small Luchtvaartstraat – Overschiestraat tunnel running under the A10 West, there is an important junction of cables and pipelines. This is where gas, water, electricity and internet enter the city. They run through the tunnel and in the embankment directly opposite the ring road. They need to be removed from here in order to make it possible to update the De Nieuwe Meer interchange. At a later stage, we will be building a new flyover at this location. This is needed because we are widening the A10 Zuid, adding two lanes in each direction. These additional lanes connect directly to the A10 West here. This work is all part of the Zuidasdok project.

The tunnel under the A10
Marcel Steinbach

120 fibre-optic conduits

In the tunnel, there are 120 fibre-optic conduits. These contain fibre-optic cables that transport small packets of data from A to B almost at the speed of light. They are the crucial cables that provide Amsterdam with superfast internet. But they also need to be moved in order to install foundations and steel piling. Because of the work, these important cables will be visible for a short period. After June, they will be tucked back neatly underground.

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