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Local park with light artwork officially opened

Against a backdrop of music from a Dixieland band, Flora Breemer (member of the Zuid district executive board) and Pieter-Jan Jongen (Zuidas deputy director) handed back the fully relandscaped square to neighbourhood residents. This attractive place has been developed in Europaboulevard, between Rooseveltlaan and President Kennedylaan and opposite the RAI. In recent years, local residents have put forward ideas for the design. Now, parking spaces and clutter have made way for a new play area, greenery and seating. The new planting still has some growing to do in order to create shelter in the square and attractive ornamental fencing will soon be added around the square.

Virtual Fountains

On the corners, the light artwork Virtual Fountains has been placed. Designed by artist Femke Schaap, it is made up of three groups: Fountain, Well and Waterfall. During the day, you can relax on the blocks made from cast stone with Norwegian marble. When it gets dark, light projections of flowing water bring the artwork to life, creating an atmospheric image of a fountain.

Virtual Fountain: Fountain, Well, Waterfall

Water-retention system

Water plays an important role in the low-lying Rivierenbuurt neighbourhood. This is not only because of the street names, but also because the neighbourhood was built on drained land. A water-retention system has been created underneath the square, preventing rainwater for discharging directly into the sewer in the event of heavy showers. The green strips above the ground will have the same function, retaining the water and taking pressure off the sewer.

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