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Zuidas: your knowledge, opinions, responses and expectations

Conducted by the market research agency MWM2, the survey was held in November and December 2023. We asked what you know about the developments on the south side of Amsterdam, what your views are about them, the extent to which you are experiencing disruption and what your expectations are for the future. The people we surveyed not only included people living in and around Zuidas but also public transport and road users. You can read the full survey here (in Dutch, pdf).

General feeling

When asked what your general feeling is about all of the developments, almost 60% of you were (very) positive. Around one-third did not express an opinion. Some 11% of people living in or around Zuidas were (very) negative.

What do you know?

People living in or around Zuidas are by far the most informed about what is happening. For example, almost 80% of them know that Zuidas is transforming into a city district where there will not only be offices, but also housing and amenities. Around 40% of people in the other groups are aware of this. Almost 30% of other people living in Amsterdam say they know little or nothing about this. The regeneration of Amsterdam Zuid station and the widening and partial tunnelling of the A10 Zuid is also well-known among people living in and around Zuidas, but less so among the other groups.


The vast majority of you feel that the development of the Zuidas district into a mixed city district is necessary: 82%. The same percentage take this view about the widening and partial tunnelling of the A10 Zuid. The need for Amsterdam Zuid station to be regenerated scores even higher: 87%. Three-quarters of you take the view that Zuidas is developing into an attractive Amsterdam city district, whereas Amsterdam residents are less convinced.


On some issues, there are varied opinions and expectations. For example, large numbers of you (80%) feel it is important for there to be housing for everyone in Zuidas, but only just over half (55%) actually expect this to happen. Two-thirds of you feel it is important for Amsterdam Zuid station to be regenerated. Slightly more of you actually expect it to become a spacious and comfortable station. When it comes to the widening of the A10 Zuid, opinions and expectations are reasonably balanced: almost 60% of you feel that the widening is important and expect this to reduce congestion (this figure is around 70% for road users). Approximately two-thirds of you believe it is important for the A10 Zuid to be diverted into a tunnel in the centre of Zuidas and expect this to make Zuidas more attractive.


In the future, you expect to experience more disruption than you already have (by the second half of 2023). This is not unjustified. Almost half of you experience most disruption as a result of closures of cycle paths and footpaths and city roads and as a result of works on the station.


In general, you feel that you are well informed about any disruption and inconvenience that we cause. Almost 30% of Amsterdam residents feel they are not well informed and a further 30% have no view about this. A small majority think that insufficient information is provided about everything happening on the south side of Amsterdam. Amsterdam residents in particular take the view that we could provide more information. You give this website an average score of 7.4 out of 10 (people living in and around Zuidas give it 7.0).

How are we responding to the survey?

We are using the results of this public survey to further improve our communications. Our first priority will be to try to reach out more effectively to other Amsterdam residents than those living in and around Zuidas. The survey also reveals that our Zuidas-Zuidasdok Information Centre (Tower 5 of the WTC) is still not sufficiently well-known. We also intend to do something about that. Finally, the survey shows that you are not well informed about where to go with complaints or reports of disruption of inconvenience. We are also working to improve that. We will repeat this public survey in late 2024. We hope that you will also participate in it.

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