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Front steps on hotel INNSiDE to conceal old foundations

Unlike the set of steps in front of the Huis den Bosch Palace, there will be no new government line-up on this one. Nor will it serve as the main entrance to the hotel INNSiDE. But there will definitely be a set of steps at the front of the hotel, roughly opposite the future second passenger tunnel the Brittenpassage. There are very practical reasons for this. Currently there are two footings protruding from the ground here, right in front of the hotel that opened its doors in 2020. A footing is a large block of concrete that forms an important part of the foundations. When the 2Amsterdam complex was converted into a hotel and offices, the level of the street was lowered. As a result of this, the old footings, in place since 2Amsterdam was built, still remain visible. This is undermining the appearance of the hotel façade and the streetscape. The plan now is to do something about this.

One of the footings that will disappear behind the steps

Steel structure

Until around mid-August, work will be carried out to incorporate the concrete blocks within the new set of front steps. It will be like a set of raised steps consisting of a steel structure clad in decking. A small crane will be installed in Eduard van Beinumstraat to lift and assemble components for the steel structure. The contractor will deliver materials in the early morning, before the rush hour. Pedestrians will not be disrupted by the works.

Lunchtime seating

Between the footings that are now still visible, there is a temporary wooden staircase that is part of the hotel emergency exit. This staircase will disappear, but the emergency exit will remain. When the set of front steps have been completed, it will be a pleasant place to sit at lunchtime in good weather.

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