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In the Kop Zuidas area, work is underway on the construction of CROSSOVER, at the corner of the A10 Zuid exit and Europaboulevard. The building promises to be an exciting blend of housing, employment, and amenities. The complex is scheduled for completion in mid-2023.

From the outset, the plan was for a building with multiple functions: office accommodation, housing – including some social housing – and cultural and commercial amenities. Area developer AM was awarded the tender in November 2017, thanks to the impressive level of ambition in its proposal.

Exacting demands

The City of Amsterdam also set exacting demands for the building’s sustainability. In addition, health and well-being were key elements in the design – particularly topical at the moment. This is reflected in such features as abundant natural daylight, greenery and excellent ventilation. Another factor that needed to be taken into account was the noise from the A10. Any noise disruption from vehicles will be effectively resolved by the design of the façade and use of materials.

Good mixture

CROSSOVER will have six storeys of housing on one side and nine office floors on the other. They will be connected to each other on the ground floor, where space will be created for people to meet, featuring social functions and hospitality/catering. The office section will aim to provide space for an interesting mixture of different tenants. A unique feature is that the tenants on every office floor will also have a green terrace at their disposal.

Housing for everyone

The social rented housing in CROSSOVER includes 60 flats for student first-timers and 60 for refugees with residence permits. The landlord will be Woonstichting De Key. They will be able to meet each other in the communal areas. In addition to the 120 social housing units, the building will also have ten owner-occupied studios. Outdoor space has also been included in the design: there will also be various terraces across the building for residents to use. The complex is scheduled for completion in mid-2023.

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