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In the building that used to be home to the courthouse (parts of which have monumental status) at Parnassusweg 220, a museum of contemporary art is to be developed by the Hartwig Art Foundation. The City of Amsterdam has purchased the building and will lease it to the foundation. The museum is scheduled to open in 2025.

Design and programme

The museum will primarily focus on new contemporary art, offering young and up-and-coming artists space to work and exhibit. In addition to exhibition areas, the museum will also feature several public functions, including auditorium, education rooms, a library, a museum shop, a food lab, offices, hospitality and catering (bistro, museum restaurant) and a music room. There will also be rooms that can be used temporarily by artists and people linked to the museum. To make all this possible, the annex (which does not have monumental status) to the former courthouse building will make way for a newly-constructed wing. The building will also have an extension built on top of it where the museum restaurant will be. The arrival of the museum will also bring changes to the spaces around the building. The main museum entrance will be on Parnassusweg. There will also be bicycle parking facilities underneath the museum. Drop-off facilities for buses and taxis are being considered for the immediate vicinity.

Spatial planning procedures and consultation

In order to enable the renovation and extension of the building, the zoning plan will need to be changed, an environmental permit applied for and a traffic order issued. The definitive design will then be completed. The draft environmental permit, the draft traffic order and the draft zoning plan were open for consultation until 16 March 2022. This was the formal consultation period. Expectations are that the environmental permit, the traffic order and the amended zoning plan will be approved in October 2022.

Process and schedule

When the amended zoning plan has been approved and the environmental permit granted, further information will follow with regard to the start of renovation work on the monumental building, together with the scope and duration of the work.


Special meetings will be organised for local stakeholders and interested parties at various times. You can download the Dutch minutes and presentations from our library.

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Plans for a museum of contemporary art in the former courthouse building in Parnassusweg are now a significant step closer. The lease agreement for the building is expected to be signed soon.

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