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The Pulse of Amsterdam

In the Knowledge District (Kenniskwartier), space has been created for a U-shaped construction block made up of five plots. On the largest plot, covering around 5,000 sq. m, construction is about to start on The Pulse, a multifunctional complex featuring housing, offices and cultural and other amenities.

The Pulse is set to be an attractive and vibrant addition to the city, not only from Monday to Friday, but also in the evenings and at weekends. In addition, sustainability has been a key factor in terms of both the urban planning and the design by architects MVSA and VMX. In The Pulse, the complementary worlds of living and working will take shape in two different towers of approximately 80 and 90 m in height, connected together by means of a low-rise section boasting an impressive city forest at a height of some 35 m.

Housing, offices and amenities

The Pulse will feature 151 mid-market rental properties and 49 private-sector rented homes, including ten garden lofts and nine penthouses. The mid-market homes will mostly be located in the western tower, which will have 21 floors. The eastern tower will feature 24 floors and 36,000 sq. m. of office accommodation. The ground floor and first floor of the central section and the towers will also boast a nine-screen cinema, various hospitality and catering outlets and a supermarket. Much of the ground floor will be accessible to the general public.

Artist impression

The Pulse will be a completely self-sufficient and energy-neutral building. Power will be generated by solar panels on the front and roof of the building. Flows of high-quality energy from one tower will supply power to the other, ensuring no energy is wasted. The mobility plan is based on maximising the use of public transport, electric and shared cars, cycles and pedestrian traffic. There will also be a car park with 125 parking spaces, all fitted with charging points. Of these, 45 to 65 spaces will be reserved for shared electric cars.

Sustainable urban biotope

The Pulse is set to become a sustainable urban biotope. On the ground floor, the City of Amsterdam is creating a park and there will be a real city forest between the towers, complete with trees, shrubs and water storage. ‘Polder roofs’ and a special load-bearing structure will help create the right habitat. The rooftop garden (the city forest) will be slightly higher, with the façades as rock formations above the tree line. The Pulse will provide space for biodiversity. Green areas and water will not only create an attractive place to spend time, but also help contribute to a sustainable and rain-proof city.

The planning schedule

Work starts in the summer of 2021 and is expected to last until the end of 2024.

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