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Tripolis is a complex of buildings next to the A10 motorway and is currently being redeveloped into a vibrant city campus. Uber will use part of the complex as its head office. The redevelopment project will be completed in 2022.

The Tripolis complex consists of three towers dating from 1994, which were designed by the architect Aldo van Eyck. The existing buildings will be retained as part of the redevelopment project by Flow. Winy Maas of MVRDV Architects has developed the design for ‘Tripolis-Park’. The guiding principle was to protect and embrace the existing iconic towers, while adding a spectacular new building: ‘Het Venster’. The new building will be rectangular and span the space between two of the existing towers. Het Venster will be built alongside the A10 motorway and provide space for a mix of start-ups, scale-ups and larger companies. There will also be hospitality establishments and all the buildings will have green, public roofs.

The green rooftop areas will be accessible to everyone

New homes too

It has now been announced that Uber will be the main tenant in the building. The company’s head office will occupy 30,000 of the 45,000 square metres available. But in addition to offices and local services, there will be homes too. In the next phase of the project, one of the existing Tripolis towers will be converted into a residential building, providing social rental apartments. ‘Because Het Venster will create a barrier between the towers and the motorway, there will be a relatively noise-free area that is perfectly for residential units, sports and relaxation’, says Lycklama. The realisation of Het Venster and the redevelopment of two of the three Tripolis buildings and the surrounding space will begin on 17 February 2020 and will take around two and a half years to complete. The third (residential) tower will be developed later.

The new name, ‘Tripolis-Park’, was chosen because of all the green space included in the design

Verdi Zuidas planning area

Tripolis-Park is part of the larger Verdi planning area. This is the area between Amstelveenseweg, Schinkel and Nieuwe Meer. Over the next few years, we will be working to make this area greener and better-connected, and to add further developments. We want to create homes, facilities and offices, especially in the eastern part of Verdi. In the western part, the focus will be more on green space, water, sport and recreation. In November 2019, we held various meetings for local residents and stakeholders so that we could incorporate their opinions, preferences and ideas into our plans.

The monumental Tripolis complex alongside the A10, April 2020
Marcel Steinbach
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