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Stricter rules for bicycles and scooters around Mahlerlaan

Your bicycle will be removed if you leave it in the street. Around Mahlerplein, scooters parked anywhere except within the designated parking spaces will be ticketed and fines will be issued. Amsterdam Zuid local council plans to introduce these rules later this year, following years of complaints.

Arrival of McDonald’s disappoints residents

McDonald’s is set to open a branch on the ground floor of The Gustav in Mahlerlaan. The Zuid city district received over 80 objections, but it sees no legal grounds for preventing it. Local residents are not taking the decision lying down.

Rented housing on British School site

Fred. Roeskestraat will soon be home to some affordable rented housing. It will be located on the site currently occupied by the British School of Amsterdam. The school is relocating to Havenstraat in Amsterdam-Zuid in April 2021. A housing association is then expected to build on the site.

Construction projects

Amsterdam Zuidas is working with various developers and contractors to build a completely new city district. The work involves numerous individual building projects. In its early days, Zuidas was an office location for leading companies, now we want the area to be much more than that. It will be a full, unique neighbourhood where people can live, work, and enjoy recreational activities. Read all about it.

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The story behind the old courthouse

New at the time, now a thing of the past: in the late 1960s, people in the Prinses Irenebuurt were shocked by plans for a new sub-district court at Fred. Roeskestraat 220. That building is now a monument and the new courthouse is set to open in March 2021.

Local police officer De Schipper: ‘Connecting with people is now more important than ever’

Now is not the best time to be a police officer who believes it’s important to maintain day-to-day contact with the residents of Zuidas. ‘With coronavirus, it’s become quite a lot quieter and I have to find different ways of maintaining contact with residents’, explains Rene de Schipper.

2020: Zuidas builders continued to build

From mid-March 2020, the offices in Zuidas were more or less empty. Most schools and amenities were closed. As in the rest of the country, local residents had to adapt their day-to-day lives. But what about the Zuidas builders? They continued their work.

A peep inside the Thomaskerk monument

Anyone not paying attention is likely to go straight past and there is a sign in the grass pointing out that there is a childcare centre here. It is almost as if it is a deliberate disguise for the extraordinary interior that meets you as you enter the Thomaskerk.

Zoning plan for Zuidas-Ravel residential district open for consultation

The draft zoning plan for the ‘Zuidas-Ravel residential district’ has been open for consultation since 24 December 2020. Ravel will be a new residential district with around 1,350 homes. Work is set to start in 2022. The consultation period lasts until 3 February 2021.

Zoning plan for Vivaldi development open for consultation

In the Vivaldi neighbourhood, we have plans for two developments that require the revision of the zoning plan. The draft zoning plan is open for consultation from 24 December 2020 until 4 February 2021. During this period, you can submit your views on the plan.