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In the new courthouse at Parnassusweg 280, Liesbeth Schouten is exhibiting a series of paintings entitled Cityscapes until the end of December 2021. In her colourful, free-style impressions of the courthouse itself and other buildings in Zuidas, she creates a new and warm cityscape.

25 October: meeting about museum in old courthouse

The old courthouse building at Parnassusweg 220 will soon be home to the Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum is an initiative of the Hartwig Art Foundation. Interested in finding out more about the plans? If so, come to the meeting on 25 October 2021.

Everyone’s welcome in the CROSSOVER building

The CROSSOVER building, currently under construction in the Kop Zuidas neighbourhood, will feature a special mixture of residents and users. It will have space for residence permit-holders, first-timers and businesses. The focus will be on friendships, working together and knowledge-sharing.

Construction projects

Amsterdam Zuidas is working with various developers and contractors to build a completely new city district. The work involves numerous individual building projects. In its early days, Zuidas was an office location for leading companies, now we want the area to be much more than that. It will be a full, unique neighbourhood where people can live, work, and enjoy recreational activities. Read all about it.

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Construction starts on The Newton in Kop Zuidas – and more

Work starts on the housing complex The Newton in Kop Zuidas on around 1 November 2021. But there’s much more happening in this most easterly neighbourhood of Zuidas. Buildings are appearing, an old building is disappearing and we are working on new public squares. We provide an overview below.

Next phase in the development of Innovation District

Housing, offices and amenities around a courtyard garden. This is what is planned for the area between The Edge (offices of Deloitte and AKD) and De Puls (now under construction). This is according to the new development plan drawn up for this area.

Making Wielingenstraat greener and safer

Major maintenance work is expected to start in Wielingenstraat in July 2022. We have already sounded out local residents and users for their views on what should be done. These have now been incorporated in a provisional design that we will be happy to tell you more about on 11 October 2021.

Zuidas launches the 'green walk'

A lot of hard work gets done in Zuidas, and not just in the office blocks. In fact, you’ll come across the smallest workers if you try out the green walk, which we launched on 30 September 2021. The walk will also bring you to artworks created by Vera van Wolferen, which you might not otherwise have spotted.

6 October: meeting about site formerly occupied by British School

The British School has now left Fred. Roeskestraat. The vacant building will now make way for about 150 to 200 social rental homes. On 6 October 2021 at 19.30, we are holding an online meeting to update you on progress.

Dismantling of temporary courthouse

The work to dismantle the temporary courthouse in Fred. Roeskestraat has started. In 2015, the building was one of the Netherlands’ first ever circular buildings. It is now one of the first practical examples of building reuse.
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