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Vision Zuidas 2016

Far from it. There will in the coming years be thousands of new homes and residents. The excellent road and rail links are also causing an increase in car and train traffic in Zuidas. Due to the growing need for mobility, Amsterdam is about to experience the largest building operation in the area, namely the construction of Zuidasdok, by which the ring road is to be widened and partially moved underground and space created for public transport. The main challenge for the coming years is, on one hand, to build and shape Zuidasdok and, at the same time, enhance the residential, work and living qualities of the area.

The Zuidas Vision 2016 describes the way in which the area is being developed. In doing so the focus is not only on the final vision, but explicitly also on the here and now. What does the construction work mean for companies? What is it like living in Zuidas? Amsterdam is inviting parties to come and invest in the area. Investing not only means money, but also ideas, initiatives by residents and business people and also partnerships.

For more information regarding our vision for the Zuidas area up to 2030 view the summary of The Zuidas Vision Document. This can be downloaded here.

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