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Work on and near A. Vivaldistraat

On the left the construction sites of EMA en Van der Valk (in July 2018)

This work will continue until early May 2019 and will affect everyone who lives or works in or near Albinonistraat, D. Scarlattilaan and A. Vivaldistraat. Three utility companies will be involved: Nuon, Liander and Waternet. Amsterdam Zuidas will coordinate the activities, which will be carried out as a combined effort and as efficiently as possible.

What will happen?

We will dig large trenches for the cable-laying and pipe-laying work. We will pump away groundwater 24 hours per day using sound-damping equipment to keep inconvenience to a minimum. A sewer will be laid in A. Vivaldistraat at a depth of 5 metres in a closed construction pit. We will have to drive sheet piling for the pit, which can cause some noise nuisance. We will inform you in greater detail about this in due course. Installing the sheet piling work will take place very close to the road, so we will have to stop all A. Vivaldistraat traffic from time to time for a duration of no more than five minutes. This work will take place outside of rush hour.

Working area with A. Vivaldistraat, D. Scarlattilaan and T. Albinonistraat

How will this work affect you?

Accessibility is important, and no roads will be completely closed. However, some roads will be narrowed and there will also be some diversions. On-street parking spaces on A. Vivaldistraat will be cut back from 10 December 2018 till 26 April 2019 to provide a thoroughfare for construction traffic. Part of D. Scarlattilaan will be a no-parking zone from 10 December 2018 till 1 April 2019. We advise all residents and businesses in the area to be aware of likely delays during rush hour.

When will work take place?

The work starts on Monday 19 November and lasts until early May 2019. The junction of A. Vivaldistraat and D. Scarlattilaan will be closed in the weekend from 15 to 18 March 2019 and from 29 March to 1 April 2019. We will inform you about this in greater detail in due course. Work will take place Monday through Friday from 07:00 – 16:00. Dates and working hours are subject to change due to meteorological conditions. We will inform you of any major changes.

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