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Streets of the World: Amsterdam, between Lhasa and Nassau

Starting on 7 March 2019, you can marvel at street scenes from 195 capital cities, spread across a length of 230 m. For seven long years, photographer Jeroen Swolfs travelled to all of the world’s capital cities to capture street life with his camera. The resulting collection is moving and amusing, astonishing and familiar, heart-warming and heart-rending at the same time. Swolfs forces you to realise what a beautiful and crazy world we live in. Of course, he also photographed Amsterdam. In Arnold Schönberglaan, you’ll find our city hanging between the capital cities of Lhasa (Bangladesh) and Nassau (Bahamas).

Amsterdam on display, while behind it work is underway on a roof section for the Brittenpassage

More than ample compensation

During construction work on the Brittenpassage, the additional subway beneath the soon fully-renovated Amsterdam Zuid station, the hoarding that shields  the building site is being used as exhibition space for the next year and a half. The project has been launched as an alliance between Amsterdam Zuidas, Hello Zuidas and building consortium ZuidPlus. We know that the construction of the passageway is an inconvenience, but believe thatStreets of the World’ will prove to be more than ample compensation.

Street changes

In order to enable you to view the exhibition in peace and quiet, we have made some changes to the street. The whole area has been declared a low-traffic residential area. This means that pedestrians have priority over cars and bicycles. Perhaps the world’s longest zebra crossing was chalked onto the road surface there last week. Cars will only be permitted to drive at walking pace. We’ve also removed some of the parking spaces, which will be replaced by additional seating and planters. After the official opening on 7 March (a private event), we will also remove some bicycle parking spaces. There’s still plenty of space in the three underground bicycle parking facilities at the station, including the one underneath Mahlerplein, right next to the exhibition.

Information about Zuidasdok

If you decide to come along, be sure to take a look at the information we’ll be posting on the construction hoarding just as you leave the station and along Parnassusweg.

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