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Zuidas: It's all about the plinths!

We update the ‘plinth map’ three times a year (in the Netherlands, ‘plinth’ is another name for the ground floor). ‘We want to fill the plinths of the Zuidas with all kinds of shops, facilities, bars, cafés and restaurants,’ says Den Ouden. ‘We’re open to anything! The residents of Zuidas want shops at which they can do their daily shopping, so greengrocers, fishmongers, opticians, etc. are always welcome. It’d also be nice to have a jeweller, some craftspeople, or even a salsa school! Of course, to do this, we have to help business owners to find the right premises for them. The main thing is that we’re open to anything, with the sole exception of office blocks: these would be more suitable on the upper floors. And of course, if we can attract businesses that we don’t yet have in the Zuidas, that’s a bonus!’

Plinth map

As plinth manager, Den Ouden is the person to speak to if you’re a business owner looking to set up shop in Zuidas. On behalf of the municipality, she maintains an overview of available premises in Zuidas.  The plinth map gives business owners a convenient overview of available commercial space as well as information about the square metreage of the properties and who to contact.

Loetje, in the plinth of the George residential building.

Nice neighbourhood, prime potential

Zuidas is an appealing location for national and international businesses and its modern, cosmopolitan vibe and unique architecture are making it an increasingly attractive place to live. In the past few years, it has become steadily livelier and with approximately 20,000 more residents arriving in the future (current residential population: 4,000), Zuidas will soon become an area of huge commercial potential for shopkeepers and other business owners. ‘We are increasingly becoming a genuine district of Amsterdam with our very own personality, and by ensuring optimum plinth management, we wish to build further on this unique character,’ says Den Ouden.

Available space

There are currently empty premises in four locations in Zuidas, including in the Xavier residential building, which will soon be completed. Two of the four units available for rent in this building are still available. People in the neighbourhood will soon be able to enjoy the confectioner and ice-cream parlour Leonidas and French bakery Le Comptoir de Pain Bio, with both businesses setting up shop on Gustav Mahlerlaan. In addition, many more construction projects have been planned in Zuidas or are in the pipeline, meaning plenty of new and promising commercial premises will be available in the near future.

Artist's impression of Xavier with Leonidas and French bakery Le Comptoir de Pain Bio in the plinth.

Make your voice heard!

Is there a particular shop or facility that you’d like to see in Zuidas or do you know any business owners with plans to relocate? If so, we’d love to hear any tips and ideas you may have! View the latest plinth map below.

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