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Roadworks on Strawinskypad

Before the asphalt work starts, we will lay extra cables and pipes. These will be needed for 2Amsterdam and others. We will also be laying cables and pipes for future developments. For example, the Amsterdam International Community School (AICS) plot has been earmarked for redevelopment. It’s not yet known what will be happening or when, but we feel it makes sense to ensure everything underground is in order at this stage. This will prevent the need to dig up the street again unnecessarily.

Asphalt and trees

After that, Strawinskypad will be given its final red asphalt paving. We will also be working on the adjoining cycle path that passes beneath Parnassusweg in the direction of the new court and Fred. Roeskestraat. There will be works on the roadside in Strawinskylaan (just to the south of Strawinskypad), preparing to plant additional trees and greenery. The planting itself will be done in the winter.

How it will affect you

There will be road closures on Strawinskypad from Monday, 1 July 2019 until January 2020, and the same applies to the cycle path alongside Parnassusweg. Not all of the cycle path will be closed for the whole period. We will be working in phases and only the necessary sections will be closed at any one time. There will be signposts to divert cyclists and pedestrians and traffic wardens will be deployed. Businesses and homes will remain accessible throughout the works.


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