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Round-the-clock construction work on EMA offices

Currently, around 400 construction workers are working flat out on all floors in order to complete the future EMA offices before the 15th of November. Located between the Van der Valk hotel currently under construction and the EY offices, the building is scheduled for completion in November. Regular working hours are between 07.00 and 19.00, Monday to Saturday. In exceptional circumstances, the Environmental Agency can grant an exemption from these working hours. In view of the major social importance of the EMA, the Environmental Agency had already done this: the EMA Construction Consortium was already permitted to work until 23.00 from Monday to Saturday, instead of 19.00.

Working round-the-clock

The Environmental Agency has now extended the exemption: work is now permitted from 23.00 in the evening until 07.00 in the morning. In other words, round-the-clock. The exemption is valid until 1 November 2019. During this period, the contractor will carry out logistics work, the finishing work will continue (on installations, walls, ceilings, floors, etc.) and installations will be tested. The work is not expected to cause much inconvenience or disruption. Construction traffic will continue to make temporary use of Spoorslag. This path between the construction site and the A10 is also being used by construction traffic working on the Van der Valk hotel.

EMA, July 2019
Marcel Steinbach

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