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Farewell to the Amstelveen line

Starting on 3 March 2019, metro/tram 51, also known as the Amstelveen line, will no longer run between Amsterdam Zuid station and Amstelveen Westwijk. Until the end of 2020, the City of Amsterdam’s Metro and Tram will be working to update the tracks, switches, overhead lines and technical systems.

If you’ve ever used this line, you are well aware that metro/tram 51 is in need of replacement. The trains are outdated, often full to bursting and vulnerable to faults. There have also been issues with traffic safety around the tram line.

What will change on 3 March?

Metro line 51 will continue to run, but not all the way to Amstelveen. The route from Amsterdam Centraal to Amsterdam Zuid will not change. However, from Zuid, the tram will no longer run to Amstelveen, but will continue to Sloterdijk station and its terminal at Isolatorweg. Bus 55 will replace the tram until the end of 2020. A stop will be introduced in Strawinskylaan for this bus.

Tram 5

In the meantime, tram 5 will continue to run to Amstelveen. At weekends only, during work on and near the track, line 5 will be withdrawn from service between Amsterdam Zuid station and Amstelveen Stadshart. In 2019, this will happen in the weekends of 9/10 March, 13/14 April, 20/22 April (including Easter Monday) and 15/16 June. Tram 5 will also be out of action for the entire period from 14 July until 25 August 2019. When tram 5 is not running, shuttle bus 45 will replace the connection between Amsterdam Zuid station and Amstelveen bus station.

Work on Beneluxbaan

Work on the renewal of the Amstelveen line is now well underway. Three of the junctions on Beneluxbaan will be positioned below ground level. This will improve traffic flow, including the tram. All of the stops will also be renewed and adapted for trams with low floors.

Artist’s impression of a grade-separation junction for the new tram line Photo: Photo: POSAD
Hard at work on Beneluxbaan


During work on the tram track, we are taking advantage of the opportunity to demolish the tunnel archway that currently leads tram 51 into Amsterdam Zuid station (under the track and through the A10). This is necessary in order to make room for the construction of the Brittenpassage, the additional subway under Amsterdam Zuid station. Building consortium ZuidPlus is currently hard at work preparing for the construction of this passage. The archway will not be replaced. The ‘new Amstelveen line’ will eventually be given a new departure and arrival point just in front of the completely renovated Amsterdam Zuid station. However, this is expected to take some time.

Special Amstelveen line offer

The work on tram/metro 51 is likely to cause some delay to your journeys. When the work has been completed, there will also no longer be a direct connection between Amstelveen and Amsterdam Centraal. This could be a problem for some of you. In order to soften the blow slightly, GVB is making available the Amstelveen line package (Amstelveenlijnpakket) with two free sample tickets that you can use to explore the new route starting from 3 March.

More information

For more information, take a look at or the GVB website. Up-to-date travel advice is available from OV9292. This app has been adapted to reflect the new situation.

There’s no going back. Amstelveen is switching to a new tram line


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