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Bicycle park on Strawinskylaan only one open

Although the deadline for renovating the bicycle park on Zuidplein was met in plenty of time, the doors will not open this week. The bicycle park on Mahlerplein will also remain closed. This is because it is still fairly quiet in Zuidas due to the coronavirus. In addition, the manager of the bicycle parks (NS) is deploying its staff in places where it is busy. Moreover, the Fiets & Service points (for bicycle repairs and accessories) in the bicycle parks have been closed since 21 March. NS is keeping a close eye on the measures relating to the coronavirus and will re-open the parks and service points as soon as possible.

Bicycle park on Zuidplein will remain closed despite the completed renovations
Marcel Steinbach


The bicycle park on Strawinskylaan, under Amaliaplein (Strawinskylaan 8a), is open. This includes for the OV bikes (public transport bikes). New, more lenient rules have been put in place for OV bikes. Cyclists do not have to check in with their OV pass, for example, subsequent payments will be monitored less strictly and there are no controls on bicycles that have been parked for too long.

Picking up a bicycle

If your bike is still in the bicycle park on Mahlerplein, you can pick it up on weekdays (Mon-Fri) between 7.00 and 12.00. A member of staff from the Strawinskylaan bicycle park will accompany you.

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