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RAI station transformation completed

The major public transport hub Amsterdam RAI has been extended to include a spacious and transparent station foyer, for both metro and railway services, enabling travellers to switch quickly and conveniently between the different modes of transport. The redesign features a lot of glass, making the station inviting: open, bright and, above all, hospitable.

Soon to be busy again
Marcel Steinbach

Polly’s Pictureshow

In the station foyer, now more than twice its former size, the artwork by artists’ platform Polly’s Pictureshow can now finally be seen in all its glory. It adorns the central wall of the foyer, and is themed ‘the theatre of travel’. Travellers who pass through it become part of it, as extras in the spatial and theatrical backdrop.

Polly’s Pictureshow
Rindert van den Toren Architectuur Fotografie

Bicycle storage facility

The bicycle storage facility, completed in March, is an integral part of the foyer and can accommodate more than 1,800 bikes and 60 public transport bikes. It has been modernised and extended with a glass pavilion and connects directly to the station foyer. Once you have entered the colourful interior, you can stay dry and out of the wind. The facility is guarded and free of charge for the first 24 hours.

Bicycle storage facility on the right

Stayed open

The renovation and extension were realised by Metro en Tram, a division of the City of Amsterdam, and commissioned by Vervoerregio Amsterdam (Amsterdam regional transport), ProRail and Dutch Railways (NS). In the preparation and completion of the work, the City of Amsterdam received support from engineering consultancy Movares, which was also the architect responsible for the design. Contractor J.P. van Eesteren realised the renovation and extension in partnership with Strukton, which took care of the installations. The station stayed open for travellers and the general public during the work, which was quite a challenge with almost 29,000 travellers per day (under normal circumstances). Currently, public transport is strictly reserved for essential travel only, but as society gradually reopens, Amsterdam RAI station will be ready and waiting.

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