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Funding good ideas for Zuidas

Because local residents know better than anyone else what’s good for their neighbourhood, the City of Amsterdam has made € 100,000 available for initiatives in Zuidas and Buitenveldert. Any ideas, big or small, are welcome. Throughout the month of June 2020, residents, businesses and organisations can submit ideas via this Dutch website. Until 10 July 2020, everyone will have an opportunity to ‘like’ the plans submitted. Plans with at least 50 likes will go through to the next round and the five plans with the most likes will go straight through to the final round, as long as they’re feasible.


The plans will then be further developed in consultation with the person or organisation behind the initiative and also assessed for feasibility. Of course, a plan must adhere to national and municipal laws and regulations. Each plan also needs to meet the budgetary requirements. In September 2020, up to 25 plans will be posted online. A month later, in October, every local resident aged 12 or older can share the € 100,000 across the various plans. This can be done either offline or online. The most popular initiatives will then be made a reality.

Voice of Zuid

The Zuid city district committee is also interested in finding out what interesting ideas and plans residents and businesses have in the district, including in Zuidas. If you have a good idea, you can post it at You then have to encourage other local residents to vote for your plan. After 30 days, they will check to see which proposal got the most votes. This proposal will be put on the agenda of the city district committee, who will discuss the plan and see how it can be put into practice. If your plan doesn’t attract quite enough votes to achieve first place, you can take part again over the next 30 days. You can do this up to three times.

Fund for Zuid

Finally, you can also submit your idea to the Fund for Zuid (Fonds van Zuid), an initiative of Stichting Mensen Maken Amsterdam (People Make Amsterdam Foundation). This fund supports small-scale community initiatives that aim to make areas such as Zuidas more attractive, greener, safer, more colourful or cleaner. These include projects in which local residents are actively involved, that bring people together and increase a sense of local community. It’s easy for anyone to submit a project idea, based on a series of criteria. There are no complex procedures or strict requirements. For this round, you have until 10 June 2022 submit your plan. A bit short notice? There’s no hurry – a new round of applications is launched every month.

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