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What will be built in the Rosy Wertheimstraat?

At the moment, this ‘courtyard’ is mostly the domain of grass, but from the spring of 2021 it will look differently. Various species of plants will then be planted and we will turn the Rosy Wertheimstraat into a small oasis. You van view the design here.


In September 2020, we asked local residents for a beautiful development of this street via the OppApp. They gave the Rosy Wertheimstraat the green theme. Previously we had already relied on the cooperation of local residents during the redevelopment of the other side streets of the Gershwinlaan: the Benjamin Brittenstraat, the Peter Schatstraat, and the Leonard Bernsteinstraat. It is now possible to play sports, have lunch, and play there.

Always beautiful

After we had obtained an idea of the wishes of the residents, the public space design team of Joost de Wit set to work. ‘We embedded the input in the design. For instance, we wanted to include benches, but it clearly followed from the OppApp that residents did not want this’, says De Wit. They are not interested in benches, because it is likely that a McDonalds will arrive around the corner. ‘Residents prefer not encouraging the enjoyment of a Happy Meal in the Rosy Wertheimstraat. There will, however, be green that changes with the seasons but will not shed its colour. Our ambition is to always have the Rosy Wertheimstraat look beautifully.’

Draft impression of bridge

Pedestrian bridge

In addition, the team of De Wit had to take a new pedestrian bridge, which will most likely be built in the extension of the Rosy Wertheimstraat, into account in the design. ‘This bridge will create an additional connection between the Gershwinlaan and the De Boelelaan. Consequently, the Rosy Wertheimstraat will immediately have a different aspect than the other side streets of the Gershwinlaan.’

Finishing touch

The development of this street represents the finishing touch of the new, greener layout of the Gershwin district, where most of the houses of Zuidas are presently located. The Benjamin Brittenstraat, the Peter Schatstraat, and the Leonard Bernsteinstraat have already been redeveloped and recently, the concrete blocks in the Gershwinlaan have made room for 26 trees.

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