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Zoning plan for Zuidas-Ravel residential district open for consultation

The urban design plan that we presented in June 2020 outlines a low-traffic, green, and mixed residential district located at the heart of Zuidas. It will be a family-friendly neighbourhood, effectively integrated within the surrounding area. Spending time, meeting each other, exercise, and play are key objectives of the plan.

From urban design to zoning plan

An urban design plan – also called a development plan – is a detailed description of the brief for the area. This covers housing, offices, the landscaping of public space, and the introduction of different amenities. In order to put this development plan into practice, it needs to be translated into a zoning plan. The zoning plan describes in detail what is permitted to be built where and what use of space is allowed by law. Because a zoning plan may have an impact on immediate neighbours or other interested parties, a draft version, known as the draft zoning plan, is made available for consultation.

Artist's impression

Ravel draft zoning plan

For the Ravel residential district anyone can respond to the draft zoning plan by submitting their views between now and 3 February 2022. After consultation, we will respond to the views submitted in a response memorandum before drawing up a definitive zoning plan. This will be put to the City Council for approval before the summer of 2021. Assuming there are no appeals, the zoning plan for Zuidas – Ravel residential district will become irrevocable six weeks after its approval.

The Ravel residential district will be on the right - September 2020
Marcel Steinbach

New zoning plan

A zoning plan for Ravel was already approved previously, in 2016. Because several parts of the June 2020 development plan depart from the previous zoning plan, a new zoning plan is needed. When it has been approved by the City Council, work on the residential district can start and the permits required for construction can be granted..

Please note

The draft zoning plan for the Vivaldi neighbourhood is also available for consultation during the same period. This plan concerns the neighbouring district. Take a look here if you wish to submit your views on that.

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