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Ravel residential area

Ravel will be a green, car-free, mixed residential area in the heart of Zuidas, designed for families, blending in seamlessly with the surrounding areas. Meeting, recreation, exercise and play are the priorities in our plan for this new neighbourhood. Car traffic will be deprioritised, helping to create a safe living environment. That means that cars will not be allowed in public spaces. Residential, work and public functions will be located at ground level wherever possible. This will create more interaction between the buildings and the public space outside. We will also incorporate water and green space to enhance opportunities for biodiversity and recreational use.

Allocation of space within the new neighbourhood

The plan provides space for 1,350 homes, of which 40% will be social rental, 40% mid-priced rental and 20% owner-occupier. In addition, space has been allocated on the edges of the new neighbourhood for offices, commercial usages, social facilities, a school and hospitality establishments. The temporary Zuidas Children’s Campus will also be given a permanent home.

In addition to houses, there will also be offices and facilities
Grisha Zotov


The new neighbourhood will be accessed via the new Ravellaan – which has yet to be constructed – but will have a car-free inner zone. There will be parking spaces in two underground parking garages, which will be accessible from Ravellaan. Public space will be designed to feel like a park, promoting meeting, play and recreation. The integration of the water in De Boelegracht will play an important role.

Impression of a neighbourhood square in Ravel
Jessica Schreurich


According to the current timetable, the draft zoning plan will be made available for inspection in the autumn of 2020. Opinions can then be submitted if desired. In early 2021, the City of Amsterdam will have the opportunity to approve the zoning plan in its definitive form. The development of the neighbourhood will consist of 4 construction phases and will begin in 2023. Each phase will last approximately 3 years. In the southwest corner of the area, we are already starting on construction work for the new Kindercampus (Zuidas Children’s Campus) and homes. The homes and offices in the final phase of the plan area (southeast) are scheduled for completion in around 2035. This will depend on many factors, of course.

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New link for Zuidas loop system

Anyone looking east beyond Gustav Mahlerlaan will see a trench, 10 m wide and 5 m deep, running alongside Valley. It is a new link in the planned loop system around Zuidas. ‘We’ll be creating some lasagne here.’

Zoning plan makes new residential neighbourhood possible

Great news for Zuidas and the city: on 8 July 2021, the City Council approved the zoning plan for the Zuidas – Ravel residential neighbourhood. The plan will enable the development of a new, leafy family neighbourhood in Ravel, with 1,350 homes, 750 of which will be suitable for families.

Kindercampus ‘community hub in the new Ravel neighbourhood’

In 2024, the Kindercampus Zuidas childcare centre is moving to a brand-new building in the new Ravel residential neighbourhood. As a result, the primary school and childcare facility is set to take on a real community function. ‘We still want to have a place where we can continue to build huts.’
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