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Much more construction work to come in the Kop Zuidas area

The construction of Terrace Tower, which will house the new headquarters of Suitsupply, among others, is now almost finished. The shell of the building has been delivered and the inside will be finished off in the months to come. The creation of the roof gardens will follow later this year. The sidewalk and cycle path have been built on the Europaboulevard side. Work on the public space at the end of Terrace Towers and along Hogelandplein will start on 1 February.


The construction of the CROSSOVER building is scheduled to start this spring. CROSSOVER is being developed by AM and will be located on the corner between the southern exit of the A10 and Europaboulevard, in the immediate vicinity of nhow Amsterdam RAI Hotel and the new Terrace Tower. The CROSSOVER building will house offices, homes, and a restaurant or café. We announced the construction of this complex quite some time ago. Initially, construction work was scheduled to start earlier but this was delayed, partly due to the impact of the pandemic and the associated uncertainty in the office market. More information on CROSSOVER will be coming soon.


The Newton

In the spring of 2021, developer COD will begin work on The Newton: a new apartment building on lot L1, opposite the SUD and Zuidoever buildings. The 101 free sector apartments will be energy-neutral and vary in size from approximately 46 to 110 square metres. In the triangular ground floor of the building, which will face onto the future Hogelandplein, there will be a commercial space of 175 square metres. The plot has now been made ready for construction and the building is expected to be completed in 2023.

Design of Hogelandplein

A few years ago, a preliminary sketch design was made for Hogelandplein, the new square between Terrace Tower and the SUD apartment building. Residents submitted a number of ideas for the space back then. After that, there was no more news about Hogelandplein for a while, but the final design is now almost ready and we expect to be able to unveil it in February 2021.

Terrace Tower
Marcel Steinbach

Redesign of green space on Kleine Wetering and tree felling

To finish off the development of Kop Zuidas, the green strip along Kleine Wetering to the right of The Newton, will be developed as a local park. At the moment, this strip of land is messy and unsightly due to the demolition of the Orion College and all the other work going on. It will take some time to come up with the final design for the park, so between 25 January and 6 February we will tidy up the existing green space and make it more accessible. Additionally, fourteen trees will be felled so that Waternet can install a drainage duct. Unfortunately, these trees cannot be replanted due to their condition. A tree-felling permit has been granted by the Environment Agency.

Completion of plot K and revision of local zoning plan

Plot K will accommodate a building that combines offices, homes, and a residential care facility. Construction work on the plot is likely to start in 2024. The residential care facility will provide previously homeless people with a programme of personal support and daily supervision, in order to help them to build a more stable existence. The zoning plan is being revised so that the size of the location can be 1,200 sq. m. (GFA) and it does not need to be divided into several smaller units. Apart from that, the zoning plan will remain unchanged: the social services function will only be located on the first and second floors.


Creative workshop

We also hope that the revision of the zoning plan will make it possible to create a workshop for new artists on plot K and to build a local health centre on plot L2. The procedure for revising the zoning plan has already been initiated. The draft zoning plan is expected to be made available for inspection this spring.

Oldschool appeal procedure

The planned demolition of the Oldschool building has been delayed. This is because an appeal has been lodged against the municipality’s decision not to designate the Oldschool building as a protected monument. It is still unclear when the court will rule on this appeal, but this is not expected until the middle of the year at the earliest. Until then, the building cannot be demolished and will be used by temporary tenants.

The Newton

Accessibility, safety, and disturbance

We will ensure that accessibility and (traffic) safety are maintained during all the projects that are due to take place in the area. Unfortunately, some disturbance is inevitable due to the construction work. We will make arrangements with builders and developers to ensure that the area remains safe and disturbance is minimized. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let us know in the comments below..

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