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Tree-felling to make way for Conservatorium and De Puls

All of the trees will be felled in the week of 22 February 2021. Four of the trees at Kapel & Convict are suitable for replanting. This is not the case for the other eleven, which are unlikely to survive replanting. The felling permit was granted in early 2020. Permission for the replanting was given in early 2021. When the work around Kapel & Convict has been completed, 26 new trees will be planted.

Conservatorium design

We are refurbishing Kapel & Convict, the municipal monument in Beatrixpark, because of the arrival of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. The definitive design is virtually complete and the environmental permit permitting a deviation from the zoning plan for the extensions to the buildings has already been granted. We will soon be posting the design on this website.

The site where De Puls will be with Hourglass on the left and the NoMa House on the right
Marcel Steinbach

De Puls

Alongside the A10, next to the Hourglass building and the NoMa House, we are doing all the preparations to enable the construction of De Puls. We announced this extraordinary, multifunctional building in September 2019. We are also removing fifteen trees on that site.

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