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New Parnassusweg crossing near courthouse

The new courthouse is set to open this spring. It will need a good and safe pedestrian route to it. This section of Parnassusweg is extremely busy, partly because of the two tram routes and various buses. The new pedestrian crossing is intended to provide a safe walking route to and from the courthouse. At the crossing, we will also install a warning system for approaching trams.

Work in the evenings and overnight

In order to minimise disruption to access and traffic flow on Parnassusweg, much of the work will be done in the evenings and overnight. From Monday, 1 March to Saturday, 20 March 2021, we will therefore be working between 20.00 and 05.00, including Saturdays and Sundays. We will attempt to minimise disruption to local residents, but cannot avoid some noise nuisance at certain times. Starting on Saturday, 5 March, we will be using four special lighting trucks to enable work to be done in the evenings and overnight. This light may cause some disruption.


Cars and cyclists will be subject to diversions during two weekends. Between 20.00 on Friday, 5 March and 05.00 on Monday, 8 March, traffic travelling from the south to Parnassusweg will be diverted via De Boelelaan, Beethovenstraat, and Strawinskylaan. From 20.00 on 12 March until 5.00 on 15 March, vehicles leaving the city will use the reverse route. During the other nights, certain traffic lanes and exit and entry lanes will also be closed, but this will not cause much disruption to traffic. Cyclists will need to cross to the cycle path on the east or west side of Parnassusweg, depending on where the work is happening. Pedestrians can simply walk past the work.

The tree at the front will be replanted elsewhere
Marcel Steinbach

The tree

Finally, a tree issue. On the Atrium side (Eduard van Beinumstraat), there is a tree on the pavement, just where the crossing needs to be. This will be removed. It will be given a new lease of life alongside Zuideramstelkanaal.

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