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Thirteen trees to be removed from A10 embankment near Beatrixpark

In October 2019, we announced the construction of two apartment complexes near Beatrixpark, which together will provide around 450 homes. They will be located on the strip of green land right in front of the offices of AkzoNobel and Stibbe. Construction has been planned since 2007 but was delayed, partly due to the financial crisis. In February 2020, we started preparations for the construction work.

The location where the houses will be built, with the trees on the left on the A10 embankment
Marcel Steinbach

Kapel & Convict

Another development involving site traffic will be the renovation of the Kapel & Convict monument in the Beatrixpark. The buildings need to be modified so that they can house the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. We previously announced that we would be removing 15 trees around Kapel & Convict. Once the work is done, 26 new trees will be planted.

Tree-felling permit for Zuidasdok

The tree removals planned along the A10 will be carried out on the basis of the tree-felling permit for Zuidasdok, which was granted 4 years ago. At that time, we did not know that progress on Zuidasdok would be so slow. The idea was that the trees would be felled ‘just in time’ (not too early and not too late), and in this case in relation to two projects: Zuidasdok and the housing at Beatrixpark. We are now able to use the Zuidasdok permit because we are still removing the trees ‘just in time’, but in relation to the work at the Beatrixpark.

The locations where new homes will be built

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