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New stair seating and widening of De Boelegracht

A short distance away, you can clearly see what the widened De Boelegracht and stair seating will look like: at the ends of the other Gershwin side streets – Benjamin Brittenstraat, Peter Schatstraat, and Leonard Bernsteinstraat – similar work has already been completed. We are now working on the missing stairs on Rosy Wertheimstraat, between the apartment buildings The George and Op Zuid. Construction work on the stair seating and new canal wall is expected to take five weeks.

Pre-corona: summertime seating
Jan Vonk

Less disruption

In order to do the work, we are using the work site in De Boelegracht, where BAM was based during the construction of the residential buildings The George and The Gustav behind it. Using this site will mean that the neighbourhood experiences less disruption from construction traffic and the storage of materials. When work finishes on the canal wall and stairs in late March, we will begin removing the construction site and widening De Boelegracht. Everything is scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2021. In addition, Rosy Wertheimstraat itself will also be relandscaped in the spring. Previously, there has been discussion about plans for the art bridge, to span the Boelegracht canal between Rosy Wertheimstraat and De Boelelaan. We will update you on that in due course.

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