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Sporthallen Zuid makes way for 550 homes

The announcement was made by Deputy Mayor Victor Everhardt (Zuidas) on 3 March 2021. Together with the plans for housing next to Tripolis (142 homes) and on the northern side of IJsbaanpad (240), this will result in a neighbourhood of around 1,000 homes. In addition to the Ravel residential district (1,350 homes), announced last summer, this is set to be yet another great housing project for Zuidas, according to Everhardt. ‘This new Amsterdam neighbourhood is in a prime location, right next to De Schinkel, the Nieuwe Meer and close to Amsterdamse Bos and Oeverlanden. It will be a place surrounded by green areas, but with the city just round the corner.’ Around half of the new homes will be in the mid-market affordable rental sector. ‘There is a lot of demand for that. Zuidas needs to be a district where everyone feels welcome.’ The neighbourhood will also include 30% social rental housing and 20% private sector housing..

Vibrant and leafy

The new area of housing will be car-free and surround a raised public inner courtyard with plenty of room for plants, trees, and nesting opportunities and shelter for birds, insects and other small animals. Both in the area and around it, there will be plenty of room for residents to exercise, play, and meet up. There will also be footpaths and cycle paths. It will be a vibrant neighbourhood with space for commercial and social amenities, including hospitality/catering, childcare facilities, and schools.

Sporthallen Zuid, with Tripolis-Park in construction in the foreground

New Sporthallen Zuid

In order to make all of this possible, the existing Sporthallen Zuid sports complex will be located elsewhere: on multiple levels alongside the A10. With this new sports complex, we are making an important contribution to meeting the sporting needs of the growing city. Topsport Amsterdam, home of (Talent) TeamNL, will also have a site in the area. The aim is to strengthen the link between amateur sport, education, and the elite athletes, Olympians, and Paralympians trained in Amsterdam. This means we are killing two birds with one stone: freeing up land for housing and providing more space for indoor sport.

Artist’s impression of the new neighbourhood

Developing fast

The area between the A10, Amstelveenseweg, and the Nieuwe Meer/Schinkel (Verdi) is also developing fast in other places. The office towers of the monumental Tripolis building, next to where the new neighbourhood will be, are currently undergoing a metamorphosis. As already stated, there will also be housing here, as well as on the northern side of IJsbaanpad. As agreed in Amsterdam, the overall breakdown of housing types in the northern section of Verdi is 40% social, 40% mid-market rental, and 20% private sector.

Construction to start in 2027

Anyone interested in the housing on the current site of Sporthallen Zuid will have to be patient. Construction is expected to start in 2027.

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