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Ravel residential district comes another step closer

Although there is nothing visible to show for it yet, Zuidas project manager Thijs Koolmees sees this as a defining moment. ‘Obviously, a lot of preparation is involved in setting up a completely new residential district. With the first plot now being put to tender on TenderNed, you’re taking the first step towards the actual realisation of the Ravel neighbourhood.’

Plot A highlighted


The plans for the new neighbourhood – and the new residential tower – are certainly not lacking in ambition. Koolmees: ‘Ravel is set to be a car-free, green and mixed residential neighbourhood at the heart of Zuidas, where the emphasis will be on housing for families.’ Because the focus in Ravel will be on spending time, meeting each other, exercise and play, cars will not be permitted in public spaces. The first residential tower block also needs to be a real eye-catcher. ‘That’s exactly what we envisage. The plot is located at the heart of the neighbourhood and by 2025, the first residential tower block will be clearly visible from George Gershwinlaan and Barbara Strozzilaan. It therefore has to be a really special building.’


But the design will not come until later – first, interested parties can tender for the development of Plot A, and, as the City of Amsterdam, we have laid down the framework for that. For example, the building must not exceed 50 m in height, with dimensions of 18 x 40 m. The average size and number of the apartments have also been determined in advance. ‘There need to be around 70 flats, measuring 80 sq. m. on average’, explains Koolmees. ‘We’re also targeting families on a median income: rents will be between 752 and 1029 euros.’ On the ground floor, there will be hospitality/catering and a social or commercial amenity, and there also needs to be space for communal bicycle parking. There are also rules for the type of construction. ‘The materials need to be reusable and it must be possible for the rooms to be divided up flexibly.’

Aerial photograph of Ravel

Next steps

The plot will be listed on TenderNed until 17.00 on 18 June 2021. ‘The tender will then close and a single developer will be chosen in two selection rounds’, explains Koolmees. ‘Our selection will focus specifically on the programme, spatial quality and sustainability. We expect to be able to officially award the tender for the plot to the winner in February 2022.’ Construction is expected to start in 2023 and Ravel’s first residential tower block will be a reality by 2025. Incidentally, it’s no coincidence that the building will be right alongside the new Kindercampus education centre that will be built in 2023 and is expected to be completed after the summer of 2024. ‘That means that the children who come to live in the tower will immediately benefit from a new school.’

Artist's impression Ravel

Schedule for Ravel

In the period ahead, plots in other parts of Ravel will also be put out to tender. Koolmees: ‘The development of the whole residential district comprises four construction phases and starts in 2023. Each phase lasts approximately three years.’ There will be a total of 1,350 homes, 40% of which will be social rental properties, 40% mid-market rental and 20% private sector rental properties and owner-occupied homes. On the edges of the neighbourhood, there is also space for offices and various commercial and social amenities. ‘The last homes and offices will be completed in around 2035, although the exact year obviously depends on numerous factors.’

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