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Photo update: work on foundations for extra station passageway on schedule

View the video of the work:

Construction consortium ZuidPlus, currently working on the roof for the second passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Zuid station, needed a long Easter weekend to do the work. They started at 20.00 on the evening of Thursday, 1 April. They had two jobs to do: putting foundations in place for two sections of the roof and moving railway track 4 to enable the platform to be widened.

Marcel Steinbach

Thursday evening: we remove the platform between tracks 3 and 4.

Marcel Steinbach

By lifting away the track, we make room for the excavators.

Marcel Steinbach

Friday: we dig out 1,000 cubic metres of sand, revealing the foundation piles previously put in place.

Marcel Steinbach

We then hoist the reinforcement cages already there into their final position…

Marcel steinbach

…right across the foundation piles that have been dug open.

Marcel Steinbach

The concrete truck is standing by to pour concrete into the cages.

Marcel Steinbach

In the meantime, we widen platform 3-4.

Werk nog in volle gang

With the reinforcement cages in position, the concrete can now harden. This process will continue over the coming months, ensuring that, by August, the structure will be strong enough to support the roof of the new station passageway. The work to widen the platform is still in progress, as is the moving of track 4. On 05.00 on Tuesday, 6 April, the trains and metros will resume normal service.

Below are more pictures of the work taken by Marcel Steinbach.

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