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Eleven plane trees return home to Valley

The plane trees spent the winter between EMA and Van der Valk. Their temporary relocation was necessary because we needed to install new cables and pipelines and a new entrance to the car park in Beethovenstraat just where the trees were in front of Valley. The cycle path was also widened.

Not on holiday

The trees were certainly not on holiday, as our green consultant Jeroen van Assen explained last year. As a result of being moved, the trees had to develop new roots, which involved some serious effort. In order to ensure that they stayed healthy, they were carefully monitored and given additional oxygen, moisture or fertiliser where necessary. Then, in the weekend of 10 and 11 April 2021, they were able to return fit and healthy to Beethovenstraat.

Main Green Structure

These 11 plane trees are included in the Main Tree Structure. This is part of the Main Green Structure (Hoofdgroenstructuur) that lists all the trees in Amsterdam to which conservation orders apply, providing that they are healthy.

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