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Work on Europaplein tramlines

Phase 1

Phases 1 and 2 both start on 17 July and the work on the A10 intersection will end on 26 July. Work will be carried out on the tramlines next to the Europaboulevard/A10 intersection. During this phase, work will continue for 24 hours per day in order to enable the intersection to be freed up for traffic as soon as possible. It will not be possible to drive from Europaplein in the direction of Amstelveen in this phase. However, turning right onto the A10 inner ringway will be possible. Traffic coming from the A10 inner ringway exit will be able to turn right and left at this intersection.

Phase 2

Phase 2 starts on 17 July and ends on 15 August. Work will be carried out on the tramlines next to the tram/bus stop in front of RAI Station. Work during phase 2 will sometimes continue until 22.00/23.00. From 26 July, the A10/Europaboulevard intersection will again be open to traffic and lanes in all directions will be available.

The GVB is working in two phases

Public transport

Between 17 July and 26 July, there will be no trams on Europaboulevard; line 4 will run an alternative route between Central Station and Amstel station. Bus 65 will maintain its normal route during this period, serving the Dintelstraat, Maasstraat and Waalstraat stops. At Victorieplein, it will be possible to change onto tram 4 in the direction of Central Station. Click here for more information about the works and diversions.

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