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A new public space in Vivaldi. It will take a while, but will be worth it.

Talking to local residents

In recent months, we’ve had numerous discussions with many of the immediate neighbours in Barbara Strozzilaan, Tomasso Albinonistraat, Domenico Scarlattilaan and Antonio Vivaldistraat. This is because a new design has been developed for part of these streets. In it, cars will make way for more green areas, which is why it’s been called the ‘Green Loop’. We are really looking forward to creating this new open public space, partly because of the many positive responses we received. But we will have quite a wait. The actual relandscaping work is not scheduled to happen until 2025 and 2026.

'Green Loop’ concept

Positive reactions

We explained the new ‘Green Loop’ in 14 one-to-one discussions and a digital information meeting. Normally, when we are planning to remove parking spaces or make changes to traffic circulation, we are met with lots of questions and even indignant responses from the neighbourhood. But this time, apart from a few doubters and critical voices, we received an amazingly high number of positive reactions. There was also understanding for the fact that there will be something in return – a much more attractive and greener neighbourhood.

Most interested parties we spoke to were understanding. They welcome the idea of adding green areas and also understand the decision by Zuidas to park cars underground as far as possible in order to ensure a more attractive streetscape. This is also because there are already two major public transport stations (Zuid and Rai stations) just around the corner and both Amsterdam and Amstelveen are within easy cycling distance. 

For more information, see the report and the presentation (both in Dutch) from the information meeting on ‘The Green Loop’ held on 28 June.

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