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28 September: walking and talking about a greener Verdi

The walk starts at 17.00 and is expected to last about one hour. We will be starting from Jachthavenweg 44, outside Veba Watersport.

Verdi Green Plan

We have compiled the Verdi Green Plan to provide concrete details of what we mean by a greener Verdi. We will be presenting the plan on 28 September. It explains our vision and describes how and where we will be making Verdi greener. Although it is not an official document, the plan serves as a handbook for the development of Verdi. During the walk, we will go past the various projects described in the Verdi Green Plan. Everyone will have an opportunity to respond to and ask questions of our experts. In the light of your questions and responses, we will then be able to improve the plan where necessary.

Preserving the neighbourhood’s green character

The development of Verdi is all about connecting, consolidating and making things greener. In the eastern part of the area in particular, we intend to build housing, amenities and offices. In the western part, the focus will be more on green areas, water, sport and recreation. At previous meetings with residents, it emerged that residents and users are eager to preserve Verdi’s green character and where possible intensify it. People would also like to see green areas for play and sport, clean water for swimming and effective water management. Residents also expressed a desire for continued involvement in the way in which we implement the ideas. For that reason, we will also explain how residents’ wishes have been included in the Green Plan.

Join the walk

Sign up for the walk. As indicated, we will begin the walk from Jachthavenweg 44 at 17.00. After the walk, we will be able to continue the discussion over drinks and sandwiches. We will end at around 19.30. If the coronavirus rules change and we have to modify the arrangements for this meeting, we will notify you in advance. Everyone joining the walk will receive email confirmation on Monday, 27 September.

No time but still interested?

If you are unable to join the walk but wish to be kept informed, you can use the registration form to indicate this.

View the Groenplan Verdi and flyer (both in Dutch).

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