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Zuidas launches the 'green walk'

Victor Everhardt of Amsterdam city council came to Zuidplein especially to declare the green walk officially ‘open’. The residents involved were enthusiastic about the result.

Residents’ initiative

The walk is an audio tour that anyone can do using their mobile device. The initiative for the walk originally came from three Zuidas residents: Marian Heemskerk, José Apeldoorn and Edgar van Aggelen. ‘We’re surprised and overjoyed that our idea has been made a reality by a professional project team from the City of Amsterdam’, said Heemskerk and Apeldoorn. ‘It brings together the physical and digital realms, and it helps people to discover hidden works of art. Now everybody can experience the beautiful and restful green spaces in and around Zuidas for themselves. There’s so much green space, but sometimes you need somebody to point you in the right direction. That’s exactly what the green walk does.’

‘Ode to the ant’, Zuidplein

Artworks hidden in plain sight

The Green Walk guides visitors along a green route that is up to 10 kilometres long, using their mobile phones. But don’t worry, you can choose how far you want to walk and where you want to start. Along the route, you will hear ecologist Bas Reussien telling you all about these green spaces and the hard workers who live here – insects, birds, bats and more. And there are also five surprises tucked away along the route. Well hidden, in amongst the greenery, you will find little artworks created by Vera van Wolferen, which pay tribute to nature and its many small hard workers. ‘The artworks along the route were made using a 3D printer, using one material and one colour. Each artwork is a bridge between our human world and the fantasy world of everything that lives in these green spaces.’

‘Ode to the snail’, next to Nieuwe Meer

Win a miniature version of an artwork

Until 24 October 2021, anybody can share a photo of their favourite artwork along the route on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn using the hashtag #Zuidas. The most original entry will receive a miniature version of that artwork.

And by the way, there’s also a Zuidas architecture walk. Urban planner and Zuidas supervisor Ton Schaap takes you on a walking tour focusing on the architecture and urban development of Zuidas – past, present and future.

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