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Open day in Zuidas on 30 October

On Saturday, 30 October, you have a unique opportunity to find out what’s really happening in Zuidas now. Zuidas and Zuidasdok specialists will guide you through the neighbourhood, across construction sites and between the metro tracks, passing by attractive green places, prize-winning buildings and art on the way. You will see things that you can normally never see. You will be surprised and maybe even astonished. And, of course, aside from all of that, we’ll make a great day of it, whatever the weather. Younger visitors are also welcome.

All you need to know about Zuidasdok

Zuidasdok is the largest infrastructure project in the Netherlands. There will be a completely new Amsterdam Zuid station, including for international trains. In the centre of Zuidas, the A10 will be disappearing underground. Between the Amstel and De Nieuwe Meer interchanges, we are widening the A10, from 4 to 6 lanes in each direction. How do we intend to do all of that? Why not let us tell you all about it all in Circl, in Mahlerplein? Of course, you will also be able to ask plenty of difficult questions.

Two work sites for Brittenpassage

The new station will include a second passenger tunnel: the Brittenpassage. On two sites, we are building the gigantic foundations and a roof for this passageway. Visit work site 1 or work site 2 and explore the puzzle with the builders.

Zuidas underground

You could be one of the few people to have entered the cable and pipeline tunnel underneath Mahlerlaan. The tunnel is 3 metres long, 6.5 metres wide and 500 metres in length. Why? We will tell you all about it. A real James Bond experience.

On expedition to Verdi

We would like to take you on a journey to what is perhaps the biggest surprise in Zuidas. An area with lots of water, greenery and an atmosphere all its own. Our team will first brief you in Circl before taking you with them on a sustainable mode of transport. On expedition to Verdi.

Lasagne XXL in Ravel

A unique look at the work site for Maurice Ravellaan, a place that hardly yet exists. In this future street, we started by laying strings of spaghetti, in other words cable ducting. Around 90 km of electric and glass fibre cables will be pulled through it. Not in a single layer, but five different layers, alternated with layers of sand. Lasagne XXL.

From interchange to interchange

In the mood for a bicycle ride? Our specialists will join you as you cycle from the Amstel interchange the De Nieuwe Meer interchange. We’ll also explain how we intend to unravel this spaghetti of roads. It’s set to be a mega-operation. Our tunnel experts will also join the ride. On the way, we’ll show you where the A10 will be going underground.

Van der Valk

In September, the Van der Valk Amsterdam Zuidas hotel was named the Best Building of 2021. Find out why for yourself.


Looking for the wow-factor? Zuidas is a paradise for lovers of architecture. It’s a place where architects can really go to town, with the most talked-about and sustainable buildings. Our guides will guide you through the icons of Zuidas.

Green gems

Our aim is to make Amsterdam’s most built-up neighbourhood greener. This is essential, but how do you do it? Visit the green gems of Zuidas with their designers.

Ravel residential neighbourhood

Come to Zuidas on your own bike (or use an OV-fiets) and take a look at the future Ravel residential district, where there will be 1,350 new homes. Featuring information and inspiration from experts.

Bird’s eye view of Zuidas

You can gain an overview of everything that’s happening in Zuidas in Circl. With a clear explanation to accompany our model.

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