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Sustainable offices to fill last plot in Mahler neighbourhood

The plot is on the corner of Parnassusweg and Claude Debussylaan. Amsterdam Zuid station is just a stone’s throw away and when the additional passenger tunnel – the Brittenpassage – opens (in 2027 at the latest), there will be access to trains and metros virtually opposite the building. In combination with the nearby Mahler car park, this will create a flexible mobility offer for people working in the area.

Breeding ground for sustainability

Arcadis, G&S Vastgoed and BNP Paribas Nederland see the possibility of having their own head office as a unique opportunity to set ambitious sustainability standards and to use the building as a breeding ground for new sustainable concepts. For the parties, this is not just about the environmental impact of construction and development, but also about enhancing the living environment over the long term. The ultimate aim is to realise Zuidas’ most sustainable building. The ground floor of the building will serve as a showcase for interested parties, enabling them to become acquainted with sustainable and digital innovations developed in the Netherlands.

The plot, currently still with paddle tennis courts
Milan Hofmans

Healthy and productive philosophy

Arcadis is responsible for the sustainable design and the engineering. BNP Paribas Real Estate and G&S Vastgoed will implement a sustainable, healthy and productive philosophy for modern offices in the building. They are already applying these in other office developments. The same parties are collaborating on the ‘vertical forest’ Wonderwoods, in the heart of Utrecht.

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Sustainable must be not only offices/design but also the overall process of construction. I am a raw material vendor and one of my customers has recently told me about construction management tools (exactly this one, that enables companies to shift from paper to digital and decrease carbon footprint from construction. Does anybody know anything about it?