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Repair and replacement of temporary train platforms

In 2019, removable platform sections were fitted across a length of 70 and 100 m on both platforms at Amsterdam Zuid station. This is required to enable the construction of the second station passageway at the station. These platform sections can be hoisted in and out relatively easily during construction works on that passageway.

Work on the platform

The removable platform sections consist of scaffold boards on which a joist structure has been fitted. A multiplex beam has been attached to this joist structure that serves as the platform floor. The quality of the top layer of these removable platform sections is now deteriorating to such an extent that they need to be replaced. Until we replace them, we are reinforcing the sections of platform. Work will start on Thursday, 4 November and is expected to take five days. While the work is being carried out, NS can run normal railway services and passengers will be able to continue to use the train platforms.

The light brown, removable platform sections
YourCaptain Luchtfotografie


After this temporary reinforcement, we will be replacing around four thousand square metres on each platform. The work will be done during two weekends in December. Replacement is not possible when the trains are running and it is too much work to do during the night. In consultation with ProRail and NS, we have now agreed two weekends in which the replacement of the platform sections will take place. There will be only a limited train service. The sections on platform 2 (where railway tracks 3 and 4 are) will be replaced in the weekend of Friday, 3 December to Monday, 6 December. We will replace the sections on platform 1 (railway tracks 1 and 2) in the weekend of Friday, 17 December to Monday, 20 December. During these weekends, one train platform will be completely closed and trains will run from the other platform only. At that time, the platform on which we are working will be closed – from both Parnassusweg and in the Minervapassage. It will still be possible to reach the other platform from both access points.


Until the replacement happens in December 2021, we will ensure that passengers can still continue to use the train and the platforms. We will also continue to inspect the platforms during and after the work.

A platform being removed during work on the second passenger tunnel
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