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Local residents briefed on museum in monumental courthouse

Around fifty local residents had signed up for the meeting, where the organisation behind the initiative, the Hartwig Art Foundation, joined architect Rem Koolhaas to give a briefing on the plans for the design, its relationship with the building’s monument status and the different programme components that will be hosted in the new building. These will include exhibition rooms for art, studios where the art will be created, temporary spaces for artists and a music auditorium. In the extension on top of the building, there will also be a restaurant.

New wing

In order to make all of this possible, the section of the former courthouse located behind the monumental building will need to make way for a new wing. The arrival of the museum will also bring changes to the public spaces around the building. The new museum entrance will be on Parnassusweg. There will be bicycle parking facilities under the museum. Facilities for buses and ‘kiss-and-ride’ places are also being considered for the immediate vicinity.

There will be a new wing behind the monumental section


Responses were positive in general, although some critical questions were asked on subjects that included (bicycle) parking and access to the museum in relation to the existing cycle and pedestrian path alongside the building.

Changes to zoning plan

In order to enable the renovation and extension of the building, the zoning plan will need to be changed and an environmental permit applied for. This will happen later this year. The environmental permit and the draft zoning plan will then be open for consultation in early 2022. That will be the formal consultation period. The permit and amended zoning plan are expected to be approved in mid-2022. After that, further information will follow on the start of renovation work on the monumental building and the scope and duration of the works.

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