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How will Verdi become greener?

During the walk we explained the Green Plan and participants were able to put questions about it to the designers and green experts from the Council. The various responses and conversations gave us a good impression of local views about the plan. Participants were also asked to write down their responses to the plan on a feedback form. These responses were taken on board in the definitive version of the Green Plan.

The majority of people who attended said that the Verdi Green Plan includes a clear explanation of what is meant by ‘greening’. Almost half of the participants said they were satisfied with the contents of the Green Plan. Most of the other participants took a neutral view about the contents. Key issues raised included the need for additional focus on management and diversity in the type of planting and the soil. Specific suggestions had already been made with regard to the greening process in several places. At a later stage, when the plans for these parts of Verdi are being further developed, we will involve the local community in the process.

The definitive Verdi Green Plan will play a major role in the further development of this area. It sets a framework for the future design of public space and will serve as a guide for developers and existing players in the area in making their plots greener. The Green Plan – which we have made easier to read at the request of the walkers – is available to download (in Dutch) via the link below. You can also read the report (also in Dutch) of the discussions and responses during the walk and a summary of the feedback forms.

Download the flyer for the Verdi Green Plan.
Download the Verdi Green Plan (in Dutch, pdf).

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